Sunday 4 November 2012

Hemp walls up to door height

After another successful weekend of work almost all of our walls are up to door frame height (2.1m). On Friday with the help of some friends we set a new record of 17 mixes in half a day. Novice builders Sara and Alli picked up the methods of hemp wall building very quickly. Plus on Friday we had the added help of now experienced hemp builder Nicole, who is soon to start making the walls for her own hemp house, together with her builder Noel. Nicole will be able to learn from our successes and mistakes and will no doubt learn some new things from her own build, as every build is different, depending on the design, location and materials used.

Looking from the back toward the main and front pavilions
An all female effort on the new rise near the hot water system
Bathroom windows take shape
Bathroom and side wall
View of front pavilion from the north west

The lower of the two fresh rises was proudly another all girl effort
Largest section of wall uninterrupted by openings
Walls go up around kitchen window
View of hall and kitchen
As the walls have got higher we have had to move from working on a plank on crates, to a plant on trestles and hopefully soon we will be borrowing some scaffolding. As we start to work higher toward the roof moving the form work is becoming more difficult, two people working either side of an 8 foot ladder is the current solution, but very soon even that will not be high enough.

23 mixes on Saturday has brought out total to date to 290 mixes. Fine weather, warm water and a swim rewarded our hard workers on Sunday.

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