Wednesday 14 November 2012

Final hemp walls started

Hemp walls now done on front of house
While the rest of the house was done up to door height, four small sections near the front door and large glass sliding doors had not even been started. Over the weekend we did two rises on each of these small sections, so now all the walls have been started. It was odd going back to the beginning and putting down the damp proof course and tamping into the set down in the concrete, but seemed much easier now then when we first started. The small sections were left to last as we tended to prioritise the long runs, but with lots of studs and noggins, and corners on three of the four sections, the sections may have been short but were very fiddly to tamp. Our friends, Ann and Will, helped the fiddly sections go up faster, while their children Daniel and Alexander kept our son well entertained.

The last sections to be started
 We also had to remove a section of concrete, now in the set down for the glass sliding doors, due to an error in the frame construction. It was nerve racking cutting into our beautiful concrete slab, trying not to damage our polished concrete floor, but with a new masonry cutting wheel on the angle grinder the cutting went smoothly. My fear of cutting into the steel reinforcing in the slab, came to be with a small section of steel being exposed. The circular wheel on the angle grinder could not cut a square corner so the last section was removed by hand with a hammer and chisel.

We had been concerned about the hemp sticking to the tall thin section between two glass sliding doors, as the section was just solid studs with no section where the hemp could meet up with that on the other side. We attached two of the bent up left over fascia brackets to each side of the column in the first rise and, on the side where there was no conduit, also in the second rise. Hopefully this will keep the hemp attached to the frame.

Tall thin section

Forming up began to get difficult as we reached the section where the wall with the hot water service intersects with the hallway roof. With some very tricky cutting we managed to put the form work up to half way through the roof intersection.

Back wall of the main pavilion

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