Monday 25 August 2014

More Rendering and Eaves Lining Gets Easier

During the week Brett, from Shoalhaven Cement Rendering, finished rendering more of the walls, so that there is now only one wall left to render, the upper north wall of the main pavilion.

Walls freshly rendered
Last wall on the back pavilion finished
Rendering finished on the eastern side of the house
Front door wall rendered
The threat of rain gave the days work a sense of urgency. Luck was on our side and the rain held off until the eaves lining had been installed on the front pavilion. Careful measuring and more accurate cutting, as well as our previous experience, made it much easier to put up the Colorbond corrugated eaves lining sheets.

Electric snips at work
Eaves lining seen from the front of the house
Eaves lining seen from the south
Along the back of the front pavilion the two roofs at different pitches meet at the gutter, but reach the back wall at different heights. So, the eaves lining was done in two sheets, one for each pitch and we will come up with some sort of flashing to close the gap. The alternative of adjusting the timber so that the Colorbond sheets lined up seemed like too much work as it would have had a flow on effect at the corners.  

North view of the front pavilion
Eaves lining at pitch change
The internal fit out continued with curtains being added as wardrobe doors.

A rainy Sunday was spent cleaning the internal windows and doing a second coat of Livos Ardvos wood oil on the timber reveals on the windows and on the door frames.

Pictures will be posted soon.

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