Friday 27 December 2013

Water Tank and Bath Tub

Our 5,000L water tank from Tankworks arrived in early December and Len and Ben the plumbers filled it with a bit of water and temporarily hooked it up to one of the down pipes. Eventually it will catch water from all three of the roofs. When we ordered the water tank 4 weeks prior we had anticipated that the internal rendering would be finished and the external wall near the tank might also have been done. As it turns out this was not to be. At least we left enough space between the tank and the wall to access it easily.

Water tank in Windspray to match windows
View of tank from around the corner
While the plumbers were out doing the tank they also installed the bath tub. After all my effort making the bath hob and getting it the right height for the Moroccan tiles, the bath fitted in perfectly. I can now fill in the missing tile that was left off to allow access to the bath waste. We chose a Franke steel bath as our current plastic bath has scratched and I got it for a good price on E-bay. With the shower nearby when you are really dirty you can do the Japanese thing and rinse off the dirt on the shower and use the bath for soaking.

Perfect for soaking after a day of building
Window set at right height for viewing from bath
Lovely curved bath spout


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