Sunday 15 April 2012

Preparation, Excavation and a Semi load of timber

Tuesday the surveyor pegged out the building. A slightly more difficult job than normal due to the odd shape of the building.

Friday the excavator arrived and began to cut and level the building site. Unfortunately he could not finish Friday as some large tree roots were found that needed a larger machine to remove them. Hopefully he will be able to finish on Monday. Another unfortunate surprise was the concrete foundations for a wall around the old pool. The excavator easily removed them, but they now need to be disposed of.

Removing the grass

Unexpected concrete

Checking the levels

Almost done
 Tuesday afternoon also saw a semi trailer load of recycled timber arrive. It was unloaded in my absence so I got quite a shock when I saw it. I bought the timber on e-bay for $10 (transport cost an extra $120) as I wanted the OSB for formwork for my hemp masonry walls and a little bit of pine would also be useful for forming up the walls. But I think I have more pine than I need. At least I am making good use of a product that would otherwise be thrown out.

A semi load of timber

A lot of timber

I asked them to unload it at the back of the block, near the garage but away from the survey pegs. Unfortunately I arrived on site Thursday night and saw one of the pegs surrounded by timber. I started work moving, sorting and stacking the timber, working to 10pm and starting again the following morning at 6.30am. Working throughout the day I moved enough timber to access the, previously surrounded, peg and allow the excavator to clear and cut the site. By half way through Saturday I had moved about 1/3 of the timber.



Stacked pine

Stacked OSB

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