Wednesday 11 January 2012

Fence Finding Expedition

A combination of public holidays and work closure made the Christmas New Year period an excellent time to enjoy a holiday at Culburra before the building work began. The rainy weather of December gave way to an unexpected and much appreciated period of sunshine. The cooler days were spent checking out the great bushwalks in the area, including Abraham's Bosom Reserve near Currarong. The warmer days were spent at the beach, with the challenge being to find the best one to visit for the days conditions, depending on the wind and the waves.

However it was not all fun, each day we were down there we spent and hour or two in the shadier parts of the day removing the plethora of weeds from along the fence lines and beside the driveway. We started attacking the honeysuckle and the small amount of blackberry, which most definitely attacked back. Then moved down the fence to the jasmine and cassia. Most difficult was the ivy which was so thick and heavy in parts that it and the other vegetation had caused the fence to collapse. Satisfaction with a job well done could be seen immediately, as shown in the before and after photos.

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