Friday 28 October 2011

Becoming an Owner Builder

When lodging the DA Council want to know either the builders name or if you are an owner builder and ask for the licence number, but to apply through Fair Trading for an owner builder licence the form wants to know your DA number.

Fortunately back in May 2011 while I was still working through the design options I completed my Occupational Health and Safety White Card, a one day course through The Training Course Professionals. This was a prerequisite for completing the Owner Builder Course which is a requirement in NSW to get an Owner Builder licence. I completed my Owner Builder Course on line through Abacus Training. Once you pay the $197 you just download all the reading material, including a surprisingly helpful study guide that summarises many of the important parts, do your exams on line and then get your certificate e-mailed.

Having collected up all the required pieces of paper I applied at the Department of Fair Trading on Monday and my owner builder permit arrived in the post on Thursday.

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